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((OOC: Disabling asks for awhile, they keep piling up. I think people might mistake that I haven’t been updating because I have nothing to answer, I am sorry for the confusion.

Just a good old fashioned hiatus. I’m working on a lot of side projects right now. If you want to check them out when they’re done, this is author’s main art blog.))

Unexpected error

Unfortunately this month appears that it will be an extremely busy one on terms of workload that I need to catch up on (This is what happens when you procrastinate, kids!) so I am really sorry to say that there will be little to no ask replies this month..

((I will keep my promise to yasida though, no matter what.))

Announcement: Author's official art blog now available!

((OOC: It now exists! Every art file on my computer since July 2012 has been uploaded for your viewing experience. If you wish to skip straight to the Mega Man art not seen on this blog, check the 'Mega Man Related Artwork' tag.

This blog is not completely child friendly. There are a few rare instances of very adult swear words and some pictures of artistic nudity, along with occasional blood and gore, so please, Enter at your own risk.))

Part 2 of 2.

Do I take things too seriously!?! I don’t understand this guy at all!!

((OOC: Your art is one of my biggest inspirations, I hope to one day have art half as cute and colorful as yours!!! I feel so lucky to be able to meet so many wonderful artists from other countries, I wanna cry! ありがとうございます!!

These sorts of questions can be difficult to storyboard, so I’m really sorry that there wasn’t much direct character contact in this reply. Later next month after finishing a few more simple asks, I will try to draw a bunch of Crash/Flash art just for the fun of it to make up for this!! So please stay tuned!

P.S., did anyone know? The ‘’ URL is available right now!))

Part 1 of 2.

((OOC Author comment: I deeply apologize, your ideas of the characters makes perfect logical sense, and I mean no way to shoot it down! But everyone can interpret characters differently, I’ve always seen Flashman as this kind of an overly sensitive guy who tends to dwell on or overlook things; (something you just end up doing with too much time on your hands,) and his subordinates look up to him for being a overall kind person at heart.

To be honest, I probably go way too soft on these characters that are supposed to be villains.. But every side has their reasoning.))

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